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Welcome to my Star Wars Pages!! May the Force be with you!!

A long, long time a galaxy far, far away...................

Did you know that Star Wars made a whole new era of science fiction movies with just the special effects, weapons(ships),and the characters?

The reason why I like Star Wars is because I have all the original movies, went to a Star Wars "laser tag" game place in Denver, it has cool characters and graphics...and if it is your first time watching it, you cannot predict what is going to happen.

My favorite characters are Han Solo, Chewbaca, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and Princess Leia.

Plus, I know all the bloopers in the movies, and I will tell you about them in these pages. Please listen to the sounds that I put on from the movies, and look at the pictures.

Also...please sign my guest book and tell me if you are a Star Wars freak like me....if you need help, just say: "Help me Obe Wan Kanobe... you're my only hope!"

Below, is a picture of Bubba Fett, the bounty hunter...he hunts for money... so sign the guest book or Bubba will come after you!!!

May the Force be with you!!!

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StarWars Sounds and Other Links

A long time ago...In a Galaxy far far away.....
Star Wars Theme (takes time to load)
"Never Under estimate the Force"
Darth Vader
Death Star March
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Some of the Bloopers in the movies that they forgot to fix
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"You will be a Jedi someday...I promise.. "

You are recruit number for the Rebellion...Master Yoda waits for YOU!