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Here are some of the Bloopers in the First Movie that they did not correct...and hoped you wouldn't notice!

1. Gredo's Life after Death...Hans Solo killed Gredo the Bounty Hunter in the Bar scene...later, after Luke sells his Speeder, you can see Gredo walking around!

2. Darth Vader's Mess up...When Darth Vader and Obe Wan Kanobe are fighting with light sabers, Darth Vader says: "You should not have come back.."...Look at his chest will notice that it is UPSIDE DOWN!

3. Luke Doesn't know how to treat a Lady....When Luke gets out of his X-wing Fighter after destroying the Death Star, he embraces Princess Leia and calls her "Carrie!".....Princess Leia was played by Carrie Fisher...boy..THAT will get you in trouble..calling a girl another girls name!!!...Luke better have his Light Saber ready to protect himself if that was real life!!!

The Empire calculates that you will be number of the Rebel Forces to die!!

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